18 January 2010

You Can't Run with an Umbrella

I've gotten used to the fact that when I leave the house, no matter what the weather is doing, I need to bring an umbrella. If the sun is out I still grab it before I head out the door.

When I left for class this morning it was sunny and the warmest it's been since I arrived. During our break between classes we all stood outside in the sun like lizards on a rock to escape our cold classroom. When I went home for lunch there were a few clouds, but I'm accustomed to that change by now. Unfortunately, the weather pattern was upside down for my plans. Walking in the rain is nothing; everybody here just puts on their boots and grabs an umbrella. But I really wanted to run this afternoon. I knew, as always, rain could come at any moment, and the sky wasn't promising, but I gave it a try anyway. Ten minutes into my run it started to rain, and when I got home I was soaked.

Even with the rain, Santiago is a great city for running. There are parks everywhere, and unlike Nashville they have all the sidewalks you could wish for (because everybody walks). The scenery is incredible, and you don't need to plan a route because it's small and you can just head back towards home at any point.

My first run in Santiago was not ideal weather-wise, but I look forward to more, rain or shine!

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