14 January 2010

And I thought being in a new place where I don't speak the language would be the scary part.

If I don't make it back from Spain it will be because I got hit by a car. The cars drive really close to the people in the street. In La Zona Vieja, there aren't lines on the road, and people just walk wherever they feel like (and cars do the same). Every driver suggests with his or her vehicle (with the incentive of living) that pedestrians get out of the way. Where there are clearly defined lines on the road and sidewalks, I still fear for my life. If a crosswalk is not at an intersection with a redlight you just cross and hope the cars will stop. If you're not assertive they don't slow down. It's like they're testing you.

If that truck weren't parked it would be dodging people. These people don't even flinch.

I'm still learning how to cross the street with confidence, like a local, but crosswalks could be the most terrifying thing I've encountered so far.


  1. Please do not come back to me missing limbs and/or brain function.