21 January 2010

TGIF, Because that Means Weekend Trips!

Yesterday's presentation was short, sweet, and simple, so there isn't much to report on that front.

After the presentation however, there was a conversation exchange where Spanish students and us international kids got together just to chat, which was much more exciting (and came with forewarning). The Spanish students wanted to practice English, and we of course want to practice Spanish, so we went out just to talk. Along with another girl who is in my class, I made three brand new Spanish friends who I'm looking forward to seeing again. They didn't know each other before this, so we were all starting from scratch, but everyone was extremely friendly. The experience of learning and asking questions from a peer rather than a teacher is much different.

This afternoon we're headed to Portugal, and we'll return on Sunday. I'm curious to see what it's like not speaking the language at all.

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