07 January 2010

The TEXtravaganza

I found out my visa was ready Monday and spent the last two days going to Houston to retrieve it. My wonderful friend Sarah came all the way from Florida to see me before I left, and she was able to make the trip with me, thankfully. We drove to Houston on Tuesday morning, spent the night, picked up the visa Wednesday morning and got back to Tennessee Wednesday night. It was about 14 hours of driving each way, but I am now authorized to be in Spain as late as July. We christened this trip the TEXtravaganza, and if you would like pictures and a play by play you can click here.

The big day is almost here. My plane leaves early Saturday morning, and I will be in Spain on Sunday and starting classes Monday!

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  1. I loved TEXtravaganza. The blog is great and I look forward to more updates! You should also know that I have no idea what they mean by choosing a profile, so I am selecting Google account, because Google always works. Right?