09 February 2010

Saying Adios

One of the things I love most about taking classes here in Santiago is that I meet people from all over the world. Our common language isn't one we know well, but it's amazing how much we can communicate and how much I'm learning about other places and cultures. Coming here helped me to understand a little better how big the world really is, but being here and spending most of my time with people from Brazil, Japan, China, and Switzerland amplifies that realization.

Unfortunately, Spain is only a temporary home for all of us. Our program works on a month-to-month schedule, and at the end of each month we lose a few students and gain a few more. The new people are wonderful, but it's hard to let go of the people you spent the last month with. We're all in a new place where we hardly know anyone, and although we speak the language, it's very different from being in our home countries. We became friends very quickly because we spend so much time together and are all in a similar situation. That made it all the more difficult to lose our three Brazilians this week. Our class seems to be missing a little something. Unfortunately, that is the nature of our program, but we also have three new students who I have already enjoyed getting to know and with whom I am looking forward to spending the next month.

It's going to be difficult to say goodbye to more people over the next four months, and I can imagine that leaving won't be easy for any of us. Although I will hate to see these great friends go, I'm glad I got my one or two months with them.

Plus, if and when I go to Brazil (because these Brazilians make it sound like such a wonderful place), I've got a place to stay and friends who speak Portugese.

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