21 February 2010

My Internal Clock is Confused

By far the biggest adjustment I've had to make living here is the schedule change. I sleep later, eat later, and hang out with friends much later. I would like to think my body would adjust to lunch at 2:30 and dinner at 9 or later, but so far that has not been the case. And on the weekends when we go out, it is a sure bet that not much will be open until 11 and there won't be many people in these places (which is the only way they're fun) until around 1. Planning to meet people at 1 or 2 in the morning is something I'm not sure I'll ever grow accustomed to. For one thing, how do I fill this weird time between dinner and the wee hours of the morning? And when you leave the house at 1 you will of course remain out until very late (or early depending on what you consider the start of the next day). Then there is the question: How do you recover and be alive the next day if you're out until 7?

I've noticed my problems with the schedule have multiplied since I found friends who are actually from here. When I'm with the other international students we tend to get home a little earlier; we all work around the Spanish schedule with meals and things, but often we are home earlier. When I go out with my Spanish friends we meet no earlier than 1, and we never get home before 6. Immersing myself in this culture is wreaking havoc on my sleep schedule!

I predict I will adjust to this around mid-May right before I come back to the states and have to start over. I won't have a clue when to be hungry or tired.

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