16 February 2010

Hang It Out to Dry

While day to day chores and things around the house here in Spain are not particularly different than in America, one huge difference is the lack of dryers in this country. When you wash your clothes they go straight from the washing machine to a large drying rack (or outside in some cases). There are pros and cons to this system:

-Nothing shrinks. Ever.
-You can really only do about one load of laundry a day.

-Drying clothes take up space in your house.
-You can really only do about one load of laundry a day.

All in all I don't mind the drying system one bit, but it has been an adjustment. It's just one of the things you don't think about when contemplating what life is like in another country.


  1. Been reading your 'diary' for a while now, thoroughly enjoying your European experience! It is amazing how different even every day stuff is..my sister lives in CA, and I was horrified that she didn't hang out clothes to dry in the seeminlgy endless sunshine, had a go at her about energy consumption, laziness.. all sorts... Am very much less wired about things now though!

  2. Hey, I used to do that laying laundry out all over my old apartment! but that's cuz i was cheap...

    also, think of all the energy saved! haha

  3. Ha, that would definitely be something that I wouldn't think about it if I were going to a different country. I think I would like that...I hang up most of my clothes to dry anyway.

    I LOVE the background to your blog!