13 February 2010

Carnaval: Day 1

So far I am loving Carnaval! Last night everyone in the street was in costume, and everywhere we went the people were dancing and very loud and exciting. It's like Halloween in the sense that everyone goes as whatever they want to be. There were a lot of groups of people who coordinated and dressed the same, including a big bunch of ladybugs, Duff beer girls, and several American football teams.

I went out last night with an American friend and two Spanish girls he knows from work. We had a blast and were out until about 7am. I'm not sure this place sleeps much during Carnaval, but I'm glad the fun lasts a little longer. So far I haven't been out to see the daytime activities, but I can hear some sort of concert happening sitting here in my room.

I probably won't be able to readjust my sleep schedule after this is all over, but I'm looking forward to enjoying every second of Carnaval. And tonight I will be dressed as a flapper!


  1. You're ridiculous! I can't wait to see pictures of these amazing costumes!

  2. I'm not sure we are going to know you when you get home. I gave up staying up past 11:00 ages ago (ha, ha). We will have a hard time hanging with you when we go to the karoke bar. It sounds like a blast--wish I could be there to expereince it with you. I know you are, but remember to take lots of pictures!! Miss you bunches!!!