16 December 2009

So It Begins

I am less than one month away from a semester in Spain.

It has been hard to live outside the current semester and see the next one as a reality until this point. Finals are over, friends are going home for Christmas, and I'm packing up and moving off Belmont's campus for the first time since August of 2007. My apartment is emptying out, with my roommate being the first thing to leave, soon to be followed by all the junk I've accumulated. It is definitely a bittersweet experience to say goodbye until August.

The sweetness in the bitterness is the adventure that lies ahead. In 24 days I will fly across the ocean to a brand new city and a brand new group of people. I am excited, terrified, hopeful, anxious, and everything in between. I have no concept of what life will be like from January to May, but I am expecting great things. That's vague, but so is my idea of life outside of what it's been so far.

For now, life is full of questions:

+ When will my visa be ready?
+ How in the world do you pack everything you need for 5 months into a couple of bags?
+ What am I going to do for 9 plus hours in the Newark airport?
+ How bad is my Spanish going to be when put to the test?
+ What am I going to learn?
+ What am I going to forget to pack?
+ How much Spanish coffee can I drink in a semester?

We'll see how it goes.


  1. Hello :) or Hola :) haha
    I like you layout. Is spanish coffee much different from normal coffee? This is really random me reading this blog, haha but I was studying spanish, I have an exam tomorrow.

  2. I loved the coffee in Spain when I was there a few years ago. It could have been the context of drinking coffee (one of my favorite things) in a new and exciting place, but I think it was just better.